What’s My Dog Thinking?

Discover the true meaning of dog behaviour to form the deepest bond with your dog.

Learn to recognise what’s on your dog’s mind. What does it really mean when they roll over and show you their tummy? And why do they sometimes chase their own tails?

Drawing on the latest research in dog psychology, this book reveals the secret meanings behind more than 80 canine behaviours, including the seven types of dog greeting and why some dogs just won’t play fetch!

The meaning(s) and root of each behaviour are explained, with visuals picking out the subtle body language so you can learn to interpret what your dog is thinking. Practical tips follow, for how to respond to what your dog is telling you, guiding their behaviour through positive reinforcement techniques, if needed.

Advanced Dogwatching features help you explore key behaviours in greater depth, such as the “prey drive” instinct that can set your dog off chasing. And strategic Survival Guides give you the top 5 best tips for successfully navigating everyday situations, such as playing in the park or visiting the vet.

With What’s My Dog Thinking you can put yourself in their paws and keep your canine companion happy, stimulated, well-behaved – and adorable!

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