The Hard Quiz Book of the World’s Hardest Arses

Challenge your friends, family and fiercest enemies to a HARD OFF with the HARD QUIZ Book of the world’s Hardest A??es and the stories behind them.

Every week, people everywhere tune in to the ABC’s HARD QUIZ to watch Tom Gleeson grill four regular Australians about their expert subjects. Tom’s crack team of writers and researchers at HARD QUIZ Headquarters, or HQHQ, have written thousands of brain-busting questions on hundreds of curly topics to test the mettle of those battling it out for the BIG BRASS MUG.

Now it’s your turn! HQHQ brings you the definitive list of the top 20 HARDEST ARSES and why we should give a rat’s.Who is harder, Bruce Lee or Dolly Parton? How did the theft of a 12-year-old’s bike change the course of sporting history? What was the Oxygen Catastrophe, and how did it nearly destroy all life on earth? Why is the Southern Cassowary Australia’s resident murder bird?

Become the star of the show as you challenge your friends, family and fiercest enemies to a HARD OFF with genuine HARD QUIZ questions.

It’s time to read … HARD!

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