Judas Horse

Not all killers can be tamed… the thrilling second book in the Sunday Times bestselling Detective Jack Warr crime series. Wild mustangs are difficult to rope, their lead stallion wary and protective of his herd. To capture that special stallion takes time. He is separated, roped, and lead back to the ranch. Once tamed, heContinue reading “Judas Horse”

Legacy of War

The action-packed new book in the Courtney Series and the sequel to Courtney’s War. The war is over, Hitler is dead – and yet his evil legacy lives on. Saffron Courtney and her beloved husband Gerhard only just survived the brutal conflict, but Gerhard’s Nazi-supporting brother, Konrad, is still free and determined to regain power.Continue reading “Legacy of War”

Something to Hide

A riveting new novel of rural suspense from the bestselling Voice of the Outback. With the sickening realisation that his cover has been blown, Detective Dave Burrows knows his family is in serious danger from the vicious stock thieves and murderers, Bulldust and his brother Scotty. Devastating news brings Dave back to Barrabine, where circumstancesContinue reading “Something to Hide”

The Lady with the Gun Asks the Questions

The elegant Miss Phryne Fisher returns in this scintillating collection, which features four brand-new stories. The Honourable Phryne Fisher – she of the Lulu bob, Cupid’s bow lips, diamante garters and pearl-handled pistol – is the 1920s’ most elegant and irrepressible sleuth. Miss Phryne Fisher is up to her stunning green eyes in intriguing crimeContinue reading “The Lady with the Gun Asks the Questions”

The French Gift

A forgotten manuscript threatens to unravel the past … Fresnes Prison, 1940: Margot Bisset, a former maid from the Riviera, finds herself in a prison cell with writer and French Resistance fighter, Josephine Murant. Together, they are transferred to a work camp in Germany, where the secrets they share will bind them for generations toContinue reading “The French Gift”

Love Objects

Nic is a forty-five-year-old trivia buff, amateur nail artist and fairy godmother to the neighbourhood’s stray cats. She’s also the owner of a decade’s worth of daily newspapers, enough clothes and shoes to fill Big W three times over and a pen collection which, if laid end-to-end, would probably circle her house twice. She’d putContinue reading “Love Objects”

Lover Unveiled

Meet Sahvage: a powerful MMA fighter with a buried secret that could change the world of Caldwell forever… Sahvage has been living under the radar for centuries-and he has every intention of staying ‘dead and buried.’ But when a civilian female sucks him into her dangerous battle with an evil as ancient as time, hisContinue reading “Lover Unveiled”

Other Women

The #1 Sunday Times bestselling author Cathy Kelly brings you a refreshingly honest story about female friendship and marriage – and all the great loves of our life. Three women. Three secrets. Three tangled lives… Sid wears her independence like armour. So when she strikes up a rare connection with unlucky-in-love Finn, they are bothContinue reading “Other Women”