A heart-warming and atmospheric story about the magic of imagination and the importance of home – with ingenious die-cuts throughout. Oscar is tired of his parents asking questions, so he decides to escape to the bottom of the garden…and disappears into Nowhere – a world of imagination where he can do exactly as he pleases!Continue reading “Somewhere”

The Boy and the Moonimal

Moonimal and Boy are ALWAYS together. Until, one terrible day, Moonimal gets lost in the woods. How will he survive all alone in the wild? And will he ever find Boy again? Journey through dense forests, across rushing rivers and to the heights of snow-covered mountains to discover a bond that can never be broken.

The Flower Yard

A beautiful, flamboyant gardening book for the Instagram generation. ‘The Flower Yard is simply gorgeous. Inspirational, sumptuous and packed with refreshingly down-to-earth advice. I love this book.’ Nigel Slater Arthur Parkinson’s town garden is like a path of pots, a tiny, exposed stage on bricks. Despite its small size, a flower-filled jungle in Venetian tonesContinue reading “The Flower Yard”


Get ready for the most MONSTROUS Summer EVER! Megamonster is an action-packed page-turning adventure, set on an island in the middle of shark-infested waters – where the Cruel School stands on top of a dormant volcano. The lessons are appalling, the school dinners are revolting and the teachers are terrifying – especially the mysterious ScienceContinue reading “Megamonster”


Sicily is both at once a frugal peasant land with a simple robust cuisine, but also full of ornate glamour and extravagance. A most beautiful and complex contradiction in terms, Ben Tish unlocks the secrets of Sicily’s culture and food within these pages, diving into its diverse tapestry of cultural influences. Sitting at the heartContinue reading “Sicilia”


When you hit rock bottom, there’s nowhere to go… Dale Steel has spent his life running from the horror of his past, so he’s completely unprepared for horror to follow him into the present. But that’s exactly what it’s done. His only hope is his love for Ashley White, so he grabs hold with bothContinue reading “Freed”

Happy Endings

Bella Green is a Sunday-afternoon sex worker. Divorced dads, IT nerds, international students – she’s here for the idiosyncrasies of human behaviour, for soothing the lonely. But really for the cash. From an entrepreneurial kid to a young woman trying to find herself (and desperate to stay out of call centres), Bella started sex workContinue reading “Happy Endings”