The Freedom Circus

A remarkable true story of one family’s daring escape from Poland during the Second World War. ‘A story of extraordinary bravery, resilience and love that needed to be told.’Heather Morris, author of The Tattooist of Auschwitz Written by award-winning author and journalist Sue Smethurst, whose husband is Mindla and Michael’s grandson, The Freedom Circus isContinue reading “The Freedom Circus”

Best Australian Political Cartoons 2020

Welcome to 2020. Brexit, Trump, leadership challenges- those were the days. The Morrison government, after delivering its promised tax cuts, had only one thing on its policy mind- protecting its presumptive budget surplus. Sure, avoiding questions about such trifles as sports rorts, robodebt cock-ups, and water scams required an inordinate amount of energy. But, allContinue reading “Best Australian Political Cartoons 2020”


Winter in Tiverton. Constable Paul Hirschhausen has a snowdropper on his patch. Someone is stealing women’s underwear, and Hirsch knows enough about that kind of crime-how it can escalate-not to take it lightly. But the more immediate concerns are a call from the high school, a teacher worried about a student who may be inContinue reading “Consolation”

Watercolour Techniques for Artists and Illustrators

A wide range of professional artists demonstrate every aspect of their craft so that you can master all the techniques of watercolour and gain ideas and inspiration for subject matter and stylistic approaches. The only instructional book on watercolour you will ever need. Trying your hand at watercolour painting? Or looking to advance your rangeContinue reading “Watercolour Techniques for Artists and Illustrators”