Sicily is both at once a frugal peasant land with a simple robust cuisine, but also full of ornate glamour and extravagance. A most beautiful and complex contradiction in terms, Ben Tish unlocks the secrets of Sicily’s culture and food within these pages, diving into its diverse tapestry of cultural influences. Sitting at the heartContinue reading “Sicilia”

La Vita e Dolce

La Vita è Dolce is an exciting take on Italian baking by food writer and trained pastry chef, Letitia Clark. Featuring over 80 Italian desserts, Dolce showcases Letitia’s favourite puddings inspired by her time living in Sardinia. Whether you’re looking for something fruity, nutty, creamy, chocolatey or boozy, you will be seduced by the sweetContinue reading “La Vita e Dolce”

Bake At Home

We’ve all been spending more time at home these days, creating more opportunities to get into the kitchen and test your skills on something new. So what’s on your list of ‘Recipes I’ve always wanted to make’? For many, bread tops the list, with sourdough in particular becoming popular on social media. Being home meansContinue reading “Bake At Home”

Sweet Cravings

An explosion of pastel fun, this whimsical cookbook is filled with pure imagination. Featuring more than 80 enchanting treats and desserts perfect for special occasions or when the next sweet craving hits. From quirky cakes and playful pies, to colourful confectionery and fanciful frozen treats, each easy-to-follow recipe is sure to delight the child inContinue reading “Sweet Cravings”