An incredible story of heroism, complicity and survival about a charismatic double-agent who played a major role in World War Two – Agent Victoire. Victoire is about Mathilde Carré – codenamed ‘La Chatte’, the cat, then known as Agent Victoire – who was the exceptionally charismatic and daring founder of the ‘Big Network’. This wasContinue reading “Victoire”


One of Italy’s most revered cultural figures reconstructs the extraordinary life of the legendary Cleopatra at the height of her power in this epic story of passion, intrigue, betrayal, and war. Our world today would not be the same without Cleopatra. While she is one of the most famous figures in history, the legendary EgyptianContinue reading “Cleopatra”

The Just

The remarkable story of how a consul and his allies helped save thousands of Jews from the Holocaust in one of the greatest rescue operations of the twentieth century. In May 1940, Jan Zwartendijk, the director of the Lithuanian branch of the Philips electrical-goods company, stepped into history when he accepted the honorary role ofContinue reading “The Just”