Pink was born to stand out. Pink is a small dinosaur who stands out from the crowd. Hide-and-seek is her favourite game, but her colour means she’s always the first one to be found. She doesn’t want to be pink anymore … until her difference helps her friends find their way home again. An adorableContinue reading “Pink!”

Duggee’s Party

It’s party time with Duggee and theSquirrels! Earn your Party Badge with Duggee! Delivery Chipmunk arrives at the clubhouse with a parcel for Duggee. It must be Duggee’s birthday, so the Squirrels decide to throw Duggee a surprise party! Can the Squirrels plan and organise a surprise birthday party without Duggee’s help?

Who Am I?

Am I my body? Am I my mind? Who am I? Take a trip into deepest inner space to answer one of life’s biggest questions. This is a book for anyone who has ever paused to wonder exactly who is wondering.

Coco the Big City Kitty

Once there was a small kitten named Coco. Coco lived on the top floor of the tallest building on Meowington Avenue. Her days were filled with action, excitement, noise and activity. And nothing made Coco happier than being a Big City Kitty.