Written by a leading medical practitioner, author and academic, Contagion offers powerful insights into how pandemics begin, how they spread and how societies, both ancient and modern, have coped. As the outbreak of a new and deadly form of coronavirus dominates headlines and triggers fear and global recession, now is a good time to reflectContinue reading “Contagion”


The scuba-diving philosopher and bestselling author of Other Minds explores the origins of animal consciousness. Dip below the ocean’s surface and you are soon confronted by forms of life that could not seem more foreign to our own: sea sponges, soft corals and flower-like worms, whose rooted bodies and intricate geometry are more reminiscent ofContinue reading “Metazoa”

Dr Karl’s Surfing Safari through Science

Australia’s favourite science guru returns with a new haul of extraordinary stories from our incredible Universe – includes pop-up Dr Karl holograms! Dr Karl is surfing the Universe for all that’s gnarly, awesome, weird and wonderful. Why is sharpening a pencil in space a risky business? What makes a sunset red and not blue? HowContinue reading “Dr Karl’s Surfing Safari through Science”

There Are Places in the World Where Rules Are Less Important Than Kindness

One of the most inspiring thinkers of our age transforms the way we think about the world with his reflections on science, history and humanity One of our most beloved scientists, a fearless free spirit, Carlo Rovelli is also a masterful storyteller. In this collection of writings, the logbook of an intelligence always on theContinue reading “There Are Places in the World Where Rules Are Less Important Than Kindness”

The Visual Encyclopedia

An elegant new take on the classic family encyclopedia, filled with beautiful images and clear, accessible text. This landmark piece of reference publishing offers a reliable, visually stunning, and family-friendly alternative to online information sources. Packed with carefully curated content, the pages of this illustrated encyclopedia are designed to be accessible and illuminating to aContinue reading “The Visual Encyclopedia”